Cagliarifornia The City of SUn!


Once upon a time, The Devils, attracted by the charm and beauty of the Gulf, seized it, so God sent over his Angels, guided by the Archangel Michael to fight off Lucifer and his companions. Lucifer, trying to escape lost his saddle, which fell and got petrified. The promontory was then called “the Devil’s Saddle” and the so longed Gulf “The Angels’ Gulf”.

Now you’re probably thinking we’re talking about Los Angeles? Well… then you’re most probably wrong! This is Cagliari, the Mediterranean California!

This year you’ll have the chance to live a journey between heavenly beaches and breath-taking landscapes, without facing twelve hours flights, ‘cause in twenty minutes is “Cagliarifornia”!

For us, Participants... will be The Very Important People of this journey and we’ll do everything to make it an unforgettable experience that they will bring forever with them. Our main goal is to create a group of friends and not only mere participants.

So... what are you waiting for? APPLY! The City of SUn is looking for you!

Summer Page and Applications: