NWM Cagliari: 'cause Sardinia is Rainbowlicious

On November, take a break from the cold winter and visit our warm and sweet city! :) Love, delicious food, mild climate and an amazing sea are waiting for you!

We're proud to invite you all at our Network Meeting! ♥ From 3 to November 6 choose AEGEE-Cagliari, choose Sardinia. You will fall in love with our Island...'cause Sardinia is Rainbowlicious!

The Network Meeting is an essential event for the life of an AEGEEan, especially if board member! Not only it helps you to meet new long-lasting friends, but you will learn from them how to make your local stronger and you will discover the joy of sharing your knowledge, your projects and your ideas with your fellow participants.

During the event you can learn:

➳ how to organize a tematic event
➳ how to fundraise
➳ how to manage your members
➳ everything you need to know about Agorae
➳ how to manage a local
➳ what the European Bodies are doing
➳ ...and more!!!

✪✪✪ FEE: ONLY 35 € ✪✪✪

Which includes:

➳ accomodation in hostel (with private restroom)
➳ all meals provided in restaurants
➳ coffee breaks
➳ city tour
➳ workshop materials
➳ the famous Abis’ pub crawl
➳ great party
➳ European night
➳ an infinite number of redbull
➳ AEGEE spirit

AEGEE-Cagliari si prepara, per la prima volta nella sua storia, ad ospitare uno degli eventi statutari più importanti di AEGEE-Europe.

Che cosa sono i NWM o Network Meetings? Sono eventi organizzati dalla Network Commission in collaborazione con una local nei quali vengono sviluppate discussioni e presentate sessioni training sugli argomenti legati al mondo di AEGEE od a quelli di interesse per i giovani europei.
Ogni membro di AEGEE può unirsi ad uno degli undici NWM organizzati ogni sei mesi.
Agli NWM i nuovi membri possono imparare molto riguardo al lavoro in AEGEE da parte dei membri di AEGEE più esperti. Inoltre, si tratta di una grande possibilità per discutere dei problemi comuni e cooperare per l’organizzazione di eventi futuri.
E’ anche una grande opportunità per incontrare vecchi amici.
Il programma è designato ed organizzato da uno dei Network Commissioners. Quest'anno, la nostra NetCommie è Lisa Gregis, di AEGEE-Bergamo. Il Network, di cui la nostra Antenna fa parte, raccoglie tutte le Antenne italiane e Malta e si chiama "Rainbow", ispirando anche il titolo del Network Meeting.
Il programma delle sessions si preannuncia di primo livello anche grazie al contributo del Financial Director di AEGEE-Europe, Zvonimir Canjuga. 

AEGEE-Cagliari goes to Leiden

AEGEE-Cagliari AEGEE-Leiden e AEGEE-Porto faranno il loro primo exchange assieme!!

Un exchange è un evento molto particolare perchè ti permette di conoscere un'altra sede AEGEE in una maniera totalmente diversa rispetto agli altri eventi internazionali ed è un'occasione informale dove puoi fare amicizia :)

Quest'anno dal 23 al 27 maggio, abbiamo la fortuna di fare un exchange con AEGEE-Leiden e AEGEE-Porto a Leiden, in Olanda 

La FEE è di 70€ e include: 

- Tutte le colazioni
- Due cene
- Un pranzo
- Tutti i trasporti interni (quindi tutti tranne quelli del viaggio per arrivare all'evento) 
- Canal biking 
- Naturalis
- Visita all'Orto Botanico
- Tour in bici nell'Hague
- Visita al Peace Palace
- Tutti i city tour
- I drink al "Jaagse Toren"
- Molto divertimento :)

I posti che visiteremo sono Leiden, Den Haag, Amsterdam and Rotterdam 

Per applicare compilate il form http://goo.gl/forms/gZCI6vkCPJ

Per qualsiasi info:
Antonio: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(nell'oggetto specificate "Leiden exchange")

Pagina FB
Sede (facoltà di economia accanto aula 9)


Cagliarifornia The City of SUn!


Once upon a time, The Devils, attracted by the charm and beauty of the Gulf, seized it, so God sent over his Angels, guided by the Archangel Michael to fight off Lucifer and his companions. Lucifer, trying to escape lost his saddle, which fell and got petrified. The promontory was then called “the Devil’s Saddle” and the so longed Gulf “The Angels’ Gulf”.

Now you’re probably thinking we’re talking about Los Angeles? Well… then you’re most probably wrong! This is Cagliari, the Mediterranean California!

This year you’ll have the chance to live a journey between heavenly beaches and breath-taking landscapes, without facing twelve hours flights, ‘cause in twenty minutes is “Cagliarifornia”!

For us, Participants... will be The Very Important People of this journey and we’ll do everything to make it an unforgettable experience that they will bring forever with them. Our main goal is to create a group of friends and not only mere participants.

So... what are you waiting for? APPLY! The City of SUn is looking for you!

Summer Page and Applications:


Unity in diversity: 30 years shaping European youth!


Dear AEGEEans, AEGEE-Cagliari proudly presents you its anniversary event to celebrate also in our city the 30th anniversary of AEGEE-Europe and the 20th of AEGEE-Cagliari. 

Also this year we decided to invest again more energy in European events and try to go crazy organising this event a week before our Summer University but...we are ready to rock!
The event will take place during the summer, a perfect moment to visit our island, famous for the best sea and beaches in Europe! A perfect moment to enjoy our hot weather, visit our port city and "Poetto" beach (the longest in Europe!) and spend some time with a crazy group of 25 participant, organisers and trainers!

So, why should you apply?

Because we are looking forward to have you here in Cagliari, the program will offer you a perfect mix of interesting sessions about AEGEE, visits,excursions, beach time, tasty Italian food, crazy nights and an entire day sailing in the Mediterranean sea!


24th of July
- Arrivals
- Ice Breaking Games
- Opening Ceremony 
- City tour
- Dinner (provided)
- Beach Party and midnight swim

25th of July
- Breakfast
- I Session – Europe needs youth! 
- II Session – The state of (our?) democracy
- Lunch (provided)
- Visit to Museo Archeologico Nazionale
- Aperitivo in Belvedere
- Free time for dinner
- Party at "Le Terrazze" disco

26th of July
- Breakfast
- Boat Trip – protected marine area in Villasimius (all day long)
- Snorkeling
- Lunch on board (provided)
- Visit to Isola dei Cavoli island
- Visit to Punta Molentis beach
- Free time for dinner
- The famous Mattia Abis' pub crawl! (5 drinks offered by A-Cagliari)
- Crazy Party at Bohémien

27th of July
- Breakfast
- III Session – Old Europe, new Europe 
- IV Session – AEGEE as a provider of Non-Formal Education tools 
- Free time for lunch
- Trekking to Sella del Diavolo + Treasure hunt
- Poetto beach time and video making about NFE
AEGEE-Cagliari birthday dinner + barbecue (provided)
- Pool party at Border Line :)

28th of July
- Breakfast
- Tears
- Departure

Where: Cagliari!

When: 24th-28th of July

Fee: 60 €

Accomodation: Gym

Meals: breakfast and 1 warm and rich meal per day provided

Needed: matress, sleeping bag (it will be quite warm), swimming suit, suncream,beach towel, flip-flops, a lot of energy and will to have fun!

How apply?
1. through Intranet http://www.intranet.aegee.org/event/applicate/1818 - leave the form blank
2. through this google doc https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LxuReVALQAsoUhn2LE-il-NS7zo8yRcWZ7qScOUBk8k/viewform(copy/paste the link on your browser)
Applications will open on 25th of April and will be closed on 10th of May!
For info write to: <aegee.anniversary@gmail.com> or to Mattia Abis on Fb!

See you in Cagliari :)